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Finding a typo in a book


Haha, true story


To anyone thinking of playing Be My Princess or the non-Gree versions of the Voltage Romance Sims, I’ve got some news…


Maybe some of you know about this already, but you can’t play the Non-Gree versions on devices that don’t use sim cards. (Like the WiFi only Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Apple iTouch, etc.) 

The pic above is the reason why.


Fuck My Life… no Robertini Buttini on my SGT2.

Thanks for this post!


So when you first play any otome game on the Gree platform (Be My Princess, My Sweet Body Guard, Celebrity Darling), you start out on a guest account. Playing on a guest account means that if you ever decide to uninstall and then reinstall the app, or if you switch phones, your…

Uwaaaaaaaaah! You’re my hero! Thanks a lot!

Ouji-sama no Propose Season 2 - Prologue


Terms of use:

  1. Ouji-sama no Propose Season 2 belong to Voltage. I only own the translation.
  2. Mistranslated things, awkward wordings and grammars are all my faults.
  3. Feel free to reblog but please don’t repost. If you want to share it to someone outside tumblr, link them to this post.
  4. Please don’t claim this translation as yours. I worked hard for it.
  5. SPOILER!!! Don’t continue reading if it bothers you.
  6. Enjoy!!

Credits to:

The translation is under the cut.

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Nothing came to mind. Because I’m not in love ^_^



Nothing came to mind. Because I’m not in love ^_^


First off, I can’t even express how upset I am at this. Just this afternoon, I received the news that pretty much all the voltage games have been hacked, EVEN AKD, meaning people have the NERVE to play them for free. This is illegal and honestly, if Voltage ever stops…

Starry☆Sky ~After Autumn~ Game


For those who want to download Starry☆Sky ~After Autumn~ Game + Memorial CD + Limited Mini Drama CD, please contact me via ask message and anons please give me your email and I’ll send you the link to the Mediafire folder. Part 1 reuploaded -here-. Or try TORRENT.

(Also if you want the MP3 for the songs: Get Closer, Blue Moon (Game ver.), Tears of the Polester, The Sign [these are OP, ED and Drama CD theme songs], request it and I’ll send you the link as well.) Try this MF folder.



So… SSAS is still progressing well, but life isn’t what you want it to be, so it’ll take some more time before I can actually give you guys something…considerable.

Anyway, I’m wondering, which game do you want translated the most (and if possible, why)? And of course I mean as making a patch, if…


:p The little “error” part of Kensho ~

Omawgaaawd! Kensho soo cute! 


So, as the title says, this post is for an update, which I haven’t done in a looooong time. First, I should’ve made it more clear that we’re translating Starry Sky ~ After Spring ~… now now, fans who are waiting for ~In Summer~ please don’t be disappointed (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ There’s still hope for that, but…

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